Power TypeScript packages and reduce your config overhead

What is ts-engine?

Write TypeScript packages with optionally zero configuration. Build, lint, start, test and typecheck without any configuration. Whilst ts-engine works out the box without any configuration it is open to extension. You can provide custom Babel, ESLint and Jest configuration.

Quicker to setup

Install a single dependency for build, lint, test and typechecking support so you have more time to focus on writing code that matters.

Reduced configuration

Works without any configuration files. You can optionally extend or provide your own Babel and ESLint and Jest config.

React support

React is supported out the box providing build support aswell as powerful linting including accessibility linting via a11y.

Productive local development

Build and run Node.js applications with the ts-engine start command.

  • Watch mode via --watch option
  • User friendly error display
  • Forward arguments to the application via --args option

Productive local development gif

Powerful compilation

Build Node.js applications and JavaScript libraries suitable for deployment and publishing with the ts-engine build command.

  • Libraries compile to CommonJs and ES Modules by default
  • Watch mode via --watch option
  • Enforces library package.json is correctly configured during build
  • Supports Babel configuration, check out the Babel docs here: https://babeljs.io/

Deployable builds gif

Type safe with TypeScript

Eliminate and entire class of bugs with strong type checking coutesy of TypeScript with the ts-engine typecheck command.

  • Fast type checking using the TypeScript compiler
  • User friendly error display
  • Recognises JSX syntax
  • Check out the TypeScript docs here: https://www.typescriptlang.org/

Type safe with TypeScript gif

Ensure correctness by writing tests

Utilize a comprehensive test experience powered by Jest with the ts-engine test command.

  • Forwards arguments onto Jest
  • Fast, reliable test runner
  • Check out the Jest docs here: https://jestjs.io/

build gif

Consistent, safe and beautiful code

Powerful linting via ESLint and with a comprehensive lint config out the box with the ts-engine lint command.

  • Supports ESLint configuration
  • Prettier and React configuration included
  • Linting isn't just for formatting, it can also catch security issues and rule out potential bugs
  • Check out the ESLint docs here: https://eslint.org/

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