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New package

Create new packages automatically that have ts-engine preconfigured.


It makes sense to install @ts-engine/cli globally so you can use this command anywhere. However when leveraging commands like build and lint etc we strongly recommend installing it into the consuming package and not using the globally installed version.

yarn global add @ts-engine/cli

Create a new package

You can create both Node.js application and library packages using a single command. The command will create a folder using the packages name and then create package.json and src/main.ts within it and install @ts-engine/cli into the package as a dev dependency.

ts-engine new-package --node-app --name @examples/node-app

The scope is not included in the folder name, so @examples/node-app would generate the folder node-app.

React support

You can create packages with out the box support for React.

To support React run the following command:

ts-engine new-package --node-app --react --name @examples/node-app